Water Damage Restoration Tips for the Atlanta Area

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When it comes to water damage cleanup in Atlanta, you don't have a moment to spare. The experts at 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta know that, and that's why we are standing by around the clock to assist you. When you find that you have water damage in Georgia, you can't just wait around for a convenient time to fix it. It has to be done immediately. You can trust that our technicians will handle all of your emergency water restoration needs.
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locating where water damage is in Atlanta

Step 1: Carefully Locate Where the Water Damage Started

Did your dishwasher overflow? Did your water heater malfunction? Is your toilet causing the water damage issue? There are a plethora of reasons why you may be dealing with water damage in Atlanta, and the first action you should take is finding out what that is and stopping it. You may have to do something as simple as shutting off a valve under your kitchen sink to something more complicated like closing down the water main to your home to stop all the water from coming in. The sooner you can stop the water, the less clean up you're going to have on your hands.

Careful: Water and Electricity Don't Mix!

One of the biggest concerns that come from water sitting in your home is it coming in contact with your electricity in one way or another. When it does, it increases the risk of electrocution to you and your family. So, before that can happen, we are going to suggest that you shut off your electricity if you can safely do so. If you have to walk through water to get to your box or if you aren't sure exactly what to do, just leave it alone and call an electrician. It might cost you a bit more, but it's better to be safe than sorry.
finding the source of water damage in Atlanta home
our water damage restoration experts in Atlanta

Protecting Your Belongings

While the majority of your water extraction is going to be done with our specialized tools and equipment, you can start trying to soak up some of the mess while you wait. Use towels or a mop to try and absorb as much of the water as you can safely. Again, if you aren't sure if you should enter an area due to electrical or other safety concerns, leave it until our experts get there and can decide. If you have furniture, appliances, rugs, or other belongings that haven't yet been affected by the water damage, get them out of the way. You can prop up your furniture or move everything as far away from the water soaked area as possible. Only do this if you can do so without injuring yourself trying to move something that is heavier than what you can handle.
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At 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta, we can assist in both residential and commercial water damage cleanup solutions. We don't stick to just the city limits of Atlanta either. We serve quite a distance in the surrounding areas, so get in touch with us to see if we cover your location.

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