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As a business owner, you know that every second counts when it comes to having your building doors open for customers. If you can't have the OPEN sign on, you aren't making any money. That's why commercial water damage in Atlanta needs to be left up to the experts at 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta. With over 25 years of experience in the water mitigation industry, you can trust that we will take care of your problem efficiently and at a reasonable price. Water damage to your residential location is one thing, but commercial water damage in Atlanta is a whole different ball game that not all water damage restoration contractors can handle. Know right now; we can.
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commercial water damage in atlanta

Keeping Our Customers Safe from Commercial Water Damage Atlanta

You don't want to lose money due to commercial water damage problems, so you might think it's okay simply to mop up what you can see and then continue on with business as usual. While it might be okay for a few moments, if the water has seeped deeper underneath the surface than what you can see with the naked eye, you can have a whole different slew of problems on your hands.


It only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold in Atlanta to start growing. As soon as it begins, there's no stopping it without the proper mold testing and mold removal services. If you don't know it's happening, your customers could be at risk for health issues from breathing it in. Although we can take care of your mold removal in Atlanta, it's better to deal with commercial water damage right away, so there isn't a need for mold remediation. Our professionals know exactly what to look for and how to disinfect any water-soaked areas to prevent mold from growing in the first place.
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You might see water damage at your office or business location and want to "sweep it under the rug." After all, the longer you are dealing with something like emergency flood repair, the more customers you are losing, and the more your profits are dropping. However, if you try and avoid the problem, it is only going to get worse. What could have been a simple water damage cleanup project in the beginning can very quickly turn into a complete water damage restoration with reconstruction and rebuilding of your structure. Take the time and make the small investment now to avoid a much bigger headache and final bill due down the road.
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"Very friendly and helpful service. Made dealing with the insurance company easy. I highly recommend using them."

– Edinson Carillo 

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We Do All Commercial Water Damage Cleanup Big and Small

As a locally owned and operated company, we want more than just to come in and clean up your water damage. We take the time to get to know you and build a relationship with you and your team. Wouldn't you much rather deal with restoration water damage experts that you're comfortable with than a complete stranger? While we hope you don't ever have to deal with emergency water restoration issues again, there's no telling what the future might hold. You can also call on us for sewage leak clean up, fire water damage, and smoke damage removal. 

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