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As a locally owned and operated water damage company, 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta is here to help you with all of your home restoration needs. You aren't going to feel like just another customer. We give you personal attention and our complete dedication from start to finish.
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"Very friendly and helpful service. Made dealing with the insurance company easy. I highly recommend using them."

– Edinson Carillo 

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Expert Water and Fire Damage Restoration for 25 Years

Your home or commercial property is likely your most significant investment in life. When it comes to water damage restoration in Decatur, we promise to work closely with you to be sure you have everything completed to your exact specifications. If there's something you don't like, let us know, and we will do whatever we can to fix it right away. We're not happy unless you're happy.

There are some water damage restoration companies in Atlanta that can do water extraction, water damage cleanup, or water damage restoration. That doesn't mean that they can do all of it though. We can, and we will work with you everytime you need us so you can be the most comfortable.


Services Overview

Water Restoration Decatur

Following accidental water damage in Decatur, you're going to want to get your home or commercial property back in shape. We can make it happen in the most efficient way possible so that you don't have to call another contractor.

Decatur Water Cleanup

Our water damage cleanup specialists are highly trained in the best methods to ensure your structure doesn't suffer any further issues after we leave. Keep yourself and your family safe by trusting it to the professionals.

Flood Cleanup Decatur

Storm and flooding damage can be too much for any one person to handle. With our team of flood damage restoration experts on the scene, you won't ever feel overwhelmed with the mighty task that lies ahead.

Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage restoration is essential to get your doors open and your customers coming back so that you can make money. We will make sure that your business is up an operational in the shortest amount of time as possible.

Fire Damage Repair

After a fire, you have more to do than just toss out your burnt belongings. We will work with you and your insurance company to ensure all your fire damage repairs and restorations are appropriately handled.

Smoke Damage Decatur

Smoke damage restoration involves more than just wiping away what can be seen on the surface. We dig in deep to get to the root of the odor and problem so that you can never tell there was a fire at all at your location.

Fire Cleanup in Decatur

Following a fire, you don't want to think about everything you've lost and everything that has to be completed to get your residential property back to its previous state. Let us take care of that, so you can focus on what's most important.

Commercial Fire Damage?

Did your commercial property suffer fire damage in Decatur? You can't just ignore the problem. The quickest way to remedy your smoke and water damage from a fire is by calling us to set up an inspection. We will take it from there.

Smoke Damage Decatur

Smoke damage restoration involves more than just wiping away what can be seen on the surface. We dig in deep to get to the root of the odor and problem so that you can never tell there was a fire at all at your location.

Why Choose Us

FAST Response

When you give us a call and we get the details of your water damage emergency.  We will get there in under an hour to reduce the amount of damage that naturally happens over time.  This is the care we give you as a locally owned and operated company.

24/7 Restoration Services

Rest assured, with a name like ours, you can bet we are available around the clock for 24/7 water damage as well as any fire, storm or flooding cleanup that you need us for.  Give us a call before it's too late! Our work and reputation speaks for itself.

Our Clients Love Us

If you are still not convinced, check out some of our reviews online to help you make the decision to reach out.  Just know that when you hire us, we will be there for you to make sure you get the help you need from the best water damage company around!
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