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They responded to my emergency water damage scenario urgently and provided the necessary equipment to dry out the affected areas. They billed insurance directly without needing to get me involved. Awesome service and reaction time.


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After moving back here from California only to find our house had been affected by hurricane. Darren and his crew came the very early next day on a friday after I contacted him late the night before (Thursday). He told me it wasn't a Big job and he could have his Men work on it and Finish Sunday. Once they arrived he noticed it was going to take a few more days than expected. He told me since he has committed already he would stay even if that meant to Thanksgiving break for them. He had his crew here Sunday- Tuesday until job was completed. They were able to go home to be with their families for Thanksgiving. Right after the holiday Me. Darren was already calling with updates and details on when his crew and him would be back to pick Up all the machines that were left running to dry our place. He has truly been a pleasure to work with. His guys are super polite, Ethan, Mr.Earl, Josué, and two gentleman from Venezuela, also another guy that came with Ethan and i just cant seem to remember his name....(sorry) :( Anywho they are such great workers and I am happy they were the ones to help with this whole process.. My husband and I feel truly blessed to have found this company since they were so easy to work with and so down to earth. If you are looking for similar services I HIGHLY recommend this company. I was so afraid to reach out for help after the hurricane since i heard there were many people out there commiting Fraud and taking peoples monies and never coming back to complete the work. From day one the way this company presented themselves we just felt very comfortable with them. Thank you Darren and crew you guys are awesome!!! Keep kicking BUTT!!
Jessica Gutierrez Avatar
Jessica Gutierrez
Ethan and Dorell were both very professional. They were very knowledgeable, and they also made me feel safe in their presence. Their experience and constant reassurance was much needed and appreciated. I would definitely recommend service restoration for your emergency water issues.
Makesha Sims Avatar
Makesha Sims
The crew was fantastic. Worked quickly and did a great job. They worked around our schedule but still got everything done fast. Highly recommended .
Jim McMahon Avatar
Jim McMahon
Thank you SO much Darren, and Ethan, Bobby and Darrel - & everyone else that came to our rescue. Darren was exceptional, and we appreciate his dedication. Glad he was able to help us.
Talita Emery Avatar
Talita Emery
My house was recently flooded and I called this company to come out and give me an estimate for water damage. This is my 3rd time dealing with this kind of problem. I can honestly say that as unpleasant as this issue is to deal with, I have never been more pleased with the professionalism, empathy and efficiency with which Darren displayed when he came to help us. Both me and my husband were out of town and I had someone staying in my house. We had to do this via telephone and talked with Darren on several occasions. He was fair, complete and thorough!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND USING THIS COMPANY!!
Donna Horner Avatar
Donna Horner
These water damage experts do NOT disappoint! They are very professional and reliable. My home was dried out in just a few days and the clean up looks so good that you'd never guess my home was affected in the first place.
Sharron Whittingham Avatar
Sharron Whittingham
Very Satisfied. They showed up late at night during a long weekend. Darren made all the necessary arrangements quickly so we would minimize damages. They worked hard and professionally throughout the process. Would recommend to anyone needing a water extraction company.
Barby Tab Avatar
Barby Tab
Beware, They steal, Beware. They commit insurance fraud by removing materials and replacing it with cheap stuff and pocket the money. They will find any excuse to leave expensive equipment, and the owner loves to take advantage of the elderly especially the wealthy ones. If it doesn't appear wet then watch out they will make it wet by using bottled water and take pictures of the water they just put down for the insurance. And they steal little things that won't get noticed til later. If u don't believe me and u hire them on anyways, simply just watch them, especially insurance jobs, owner is so shady he can't hide it or his questionable business practices.
darell blackshire Avatar
darell blackshire
Very knowledgeable!!
Samantha Jorda Avatar
Samantha Jorda
Their water mitigation services is incredible. They are great to work with. They showed up when they said they would, did a great job and cleaned up everything for us.
Jürgen Schreiber Avatar
Jürgen Schreiber
Darren and his team have provided excellent service in remediating my basement after it flooded. Exceptional service!
Ben Cooley Avatar
Ben Cooley
They responded to my emergency water damage scenario urgently and provided the necessary equipment to dry out the affected areas. They billed insurance directly without needing to get me involved. Awesome service and reaction time.
carmella zartman Avatar
carmella zartman
I had a washing machine slow leak into my living room ceiling and eventually my flooring. It turned out to be a major claim. Darren and his team were on it the very day I caught it! They were here within hours setting up fans and dehumidifiers. They tested all over the house for moisture and determined accurately, the extent of water damage. They were extremely polite and very professional. 5 months after the claim, I had another scare that I wasn’t sure was related. I called Darren, and within 2 hours he and his crew were back, inspecting, taking pics, conferring with HQ, and giving me a COMPLIMENTARY surface mold cleaning and a bottle of anti-microbial cleaner, even though the issue, it turned out, had nothing to do with my original claim. These guys are awesome! I highly recommend them, and will not call anyone else if we have restoration problems in the future!
Trent Pinnell Avatar
Trent Pinnell
Did a fantastic fixing the water damage in our home. Price was fair and work was quick! Thanks!
Mandy B Avatar
Mandy B
I contacted Darren after a water leak in the kitchen. He showed up quickly, explained everything really well, and promised he wouldn't be done until I was happy. His company came, setup dryers the same day. The next day, they were supposed to check everything. He called and asked if they could come the following day. Sure, no problem. Monday, they arrived 2 hours late. not that big of a deal. They removed part of the flooring, with more work to do the following morning. Tuesday morning came and went, no phone call, no text. I called afternoon, and he asked if they could be there at 4. At 530 they showed up to remove the cabinet. Instead of removing the cabinet, they removed the baseboard and called it good enough. After letting Darren know I wasn't happy with the work, he said he'd be back. That was the last I've heard from him. He's ignored every phone call since. As he left it, I have a cabinet drawer ripped out and broken by his guys. I have water under the remaining cabinets, and water sitting under the dishwasher they never removed. There's nails left in the floor, trim partially ripped off the wall with damaged drywall.
Tim P Avatar
Tim P
Called this team during that hard rain Atlanta had during hurricane Delta one Saturday night. Darren came out late that night and worked for hours until it was all dry. From start to finish, he and his crew did everything that was asked of them and then some, even letting me borrow a couple tools. Very pleased with their work and yet I hope I won't need to use them again :-)
Evan Carter Avatar
Evan Carter
Darren and Kenely were a great team to work with. They put my family at ease with our unfortunate event And answered any questions, at any time. They were informative and also flexible with their schedules. God forbid anything else happens, but lf so, they are my first call.
S Barnett Avatar
S Barnett
Ray was out to my place the day I called. Alex was polite and answered all of my questions. Alex stayed at my house and talked to my insurance company to ensure that all of my damage was covered. Ray and his crew worked hard to remodel my entire kitchen and downstairs area to be ready in time for my family. I am so glad I called Service Restoration! If you are looking for a water damage company, give them a call!
Mitchell Gill Avatar
Mitchell Gill
Darren and his team did a great job!! Very professional, took their time and explained everything in detail. We appreciated your exceptional service!
Lamar Frasier Avatar
Lamar Frasier
Quick response, explained everything clearly. Took care of water mitigation issues after ruptured water line. Very pleased with service and personnel, especially Dalton Schmidt.
Frederick Austin Avatar
Frederick Austin

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