Top 6 Mistakes for Mold Removal in Atlanta!

August 9, 2019

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Mold removal in Atlanta and surrounding areas is vitally important, as the city’s humid weather often encourages mold to grow quickly and easily. Mold is dangerous to your health and causes damage to surface materials inside a home, which is why a homeowner should always rely on professional Atlanta mold remediation and cleanup when needed.

If your home is showing signs of mold or the structure has been through a flood or fire, you might note some vital information about mold removal in Atlanta and nearby cities. This will ensure you avoid some common mistakes that many homeowners make when it comes to mold removal, and that your home will be structurally sound and safe for all its occupants.

Bleach Is Not Always Good for Mold Removal in Atlanta!

Bleach is good for mold removal in Atlanta when applied to non porous surfaces such as glass, stone or laminate countertops, concrete, or bathroom tiles. However, household bleach is mostly water so it’s easily absorbed by porous materials such as drywall, wood, carpeting, cabinets, and many types of flooring. Once absorbed, the water used to make household bleach can actually feed mold spores and make them worse!

In many cases, bleach works for surface mold removal in an Atlanta home but using it to kill mold on porous surfaces is like cutting off the top of a plant and not removing the root; you’re just going to see those roots continue to grow and the plant, or the mold, return! This is why bleach is not always good for Atlanta area mold cleanup and especially if the mold is thick and has started to grow through materials like wood and drywall.

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Don’t Rinse After Atlanta Mold Removal

When using any product for Atlanta mold removal, it’s vital that you avoid rinsing! Rinsing away cleansers and mold killers only leaves behind water and dampness that then allow mold to grow and spread along drywall, carpeting, and other such areas.

To remove small amounts of mold on a home’s walls and other such surfaces, be sure to blot the surface as much as possible, to remove the cleanser and excess water. You might even use a wet-dry vacuum to pull up the cleanser and water used for Atlanta mold removal, but avoid rinsing the area with added water.

Painting Is Not Sufficient Atlanta Mold Cleanup!

Many homeowners make the mistake of painting over mold, assuming that paint will kill mold spores and stop it from spreading. Landlords might also paint rather than invest in proper mold cleanup of an Atlanta property, so that prospective tenants don’t realize the building has mold. However, paint is not a substitute for professional, efficient mold cleanup and removal.

A coating of paint might block some humidity from reaching mold so that it doesn’t grow as quickly as it would otherwise, but note that the chemicals in paint will not kill mold. Even paints that are meant to block moisture, such as those designed for bathrooms and kitchens, won’t kill mold spores and cannot penetrate areas behind drywall or inside wood studs where mold usually grows and spreads.

Painting walls and other surfaces infested with mold often means seeing that mold grow back, or spread to areas of building materials behind the paint. Before you decide to simply cover mold, remember that painting any surface is not the same as a thorough Atlanta mold cleanup and does not address mold at its source.

Proper Mold Cleanup in Atlanta Requires Protective Gear

When cleaning mold in your home’s bathroom, you might wear protective gloves and a lightweight surgical mask, to protect your skin and sinuses from exposure to bleach and chlorine fumes. Proper mold cleanup in Atlanta requires much more than these household items, however, as you also need to protect yourself from exposure to dangerous, airborne mold spores.

Many mold cleanup companies in Atlanta have their workers wear protective jumpsuits, hats, and breathing apparatus, to protect their skin and sinuses and keep mold from spreading to other areas of the home. That gear is often disposed of or is cleaned properly, to ensure all residual mold is removed and not spread to other areas of a home or to other properties.

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Atlanta Mold Removal Doesn’t Stop With Simple Cleaning!

Mold grows easily in dark and damp areas, which is why thorough and effective mold removal in Atlanta doesn’t stop with simple cleaning. It’s vital that a homeowner note why excessive mold has formed in their house in the first place and address the cause of mold growth, to ensure it doesn’t come back. If you neglect to address a leaking pipe, damp basement, storm damage to a home’s roof, or other such reason for excess humidity in the home, you’ll be facing repeated Atlanta mold cleanup over the years!

A mold remediation company in Atlanta can help pinpoint the cause of mold growth in your home and ensure that cause is addressed properly and efficiently. Mold remediation of an Atlanta home also means monitoring it for increased risk of mold development after water damage cleanup and for any growing mold that it can be addressed as soon as possible, making mold cleanup quick and efficient and ensuring your home is safe.

Mold Cleanup in Atlanta Isn’t Always Recommended!

While you might assume that you can perform mold cleanup with a high-quality cleanser or solution, there are times when it’s best to simply remove and dispose of certain items infested with mold. One reason for this is that some materials might become covered with mold so thoroughly that no amount of bleach or other cleanser will remove all that mold and its spores!

Since mold holds moisture, it can also soften and weaken wood framing, drywall, and other such materials. Mold itself can also weaken certain building materials and also create a dank, musty odor that is difficult if not impossible to remove. A mold cleanup company in Atlanta can note if certain framing materials, carpets, and other such items are beyond repair and need replacing rather than cleaning in your home.

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