Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration in Atlanta | What to Expect

September 18, 2020

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Professional smoke and fire damage restoration of an Atlanta home or business is vital after a fire no matter its size. A structure’s framework and building materials often trap and lock soot, ash, and other debris, while high humidity levels risk mold growth and even a small fire and high heat levels easily damage building materials, appliances, and electronics.

Thankfully most property owners don’t need smoke and fire damage restoration of an Atlanta home or business regularly, but that also means they might not know what to expect with these services and why they’re so vital! To ensure your property is clean and, more important, safe for reoccupation after a fire, note what you might expect when it comes to fire damage cleanup in Atlanta.

Why Your Property Needs Fire Damage Restoration in Atlanta

First note some added details about why a property needs Atlanta fire damage restoration. One vital reason to schedule professional fire damage cleanup is that even high heat levels might singe wiring, compromise plumbing fixtures and features, melt tile floor and carpet padding adhesives, and damage window glass other building materials around the home. Before you use plumbing fixtures, electronics, or other home appliances and features, it’s vital that they’re inspected for damage and needed repairs.

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Soot, ash, and other fire debris often work their way into carpet fibers, pits and pores of stone and tile surfaces, paint finishes, and other nooks and crannies around the home. Trying to vacuum or mop up these residues is typically ineffective and might result in simply spreading them around or making them airborne so that they’re then a breathing hazard. Professional cleaning with commercial-grade equipment ensures a thorough clean, protecting your home and your health!

Fire-damaged building materials might also release hazardous fumes, and residual smoke odors are also very bothersome to your sinuses and respiratory system. Covering over these fumes and other odors with air fresheners is ineffective and might simply create even more unpleasant odors! Odor neutralizing services attack the chemicals producing those unpleasant fumes and odors, for improved indoor air quality.

Atlanta Fire Damage Restoration Starts With a Full Inspection

As a homeowner or business owner, you might not know how to inspect wiring, plumbing, appliances, window glass, and other such features for fire and heat damage, and especially those features that are hidden behind walls or under floorboards. Atlanta fire damage restoration typically starts with a full-scale inspection of all the property’s electrical systems, plumbing fixtures, and other major surfaces and materials.

Note that a home’s HVAC system circulates air throughout the home, pushing it through the furnace filter. Along with an inspection of the home, a fire damage cleanup company in Atlanta will also typically check and change the furnace filter, along with air purifier filters in the home, as needed. This helps remove smoke, soot, and ash, and help create cleaner indoor air.

Why Your Property Needs Atlanta Water Damage Cleanup

Firefighters often use lots of water to put out a blaze; the only way to get rid of all that water is by pumping it out of the home and using commercial-grade dehumidifiers, dryers, blowers, and other such equipment. Often carpets are pulled up so the padding and subflooring can be dried properly as well.

fire damage cleanup in Atlanta

Without proper water damage cleanup of an Atlanta property, drywall, carpeting, and a structure’s wood framing absorb that water very quickly, softening and then risking chips, cracks, warping, and bowing. Excess humidity also risks mold growth! Water damage cleanup after a fire ensures your property’s building materials are protected while also reducing the risk of mold, mildew, and other contaminants.

Removing Materials Beyond Fire Damage Restoration in Atlanta

Once your property is dry, materials beyond repair and restoration are removed. This includes materials that are easier to replace than clean; for example, hanging new drywall is typically fast and affordable, and can be a better option than trying to scrub away smoke damage and other residues. Water-damaged framing, subflooring, and other materials might also be cut away and replaced as needed.

Homeowners and commercial business owners might also take this opportunity to replace materials that are old and worn out just outdated! If you have the budget or your property insurance covers the cost of replacement, and if you were already thinking of getting new carpeting or upgrading your electrical and plumbing fixtures, this might be a good opportunity to replace them since your property might be torn up for inspection anyway. Discuss the option with your fire damage restoration Atlanta contractor to note your choices and costs.

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Odor Removal Services for Atlanta Properties

Simply extracting smoke stains, soot, ash, and other debris after a fire isn’t enough to ensure a safe and hygienic property! Damaged water and plumbing fixtures especially often bring with them lots of bacteria, germs, and other harmful contaminants that then cling to walls and floors. Fire suppressant chemicals are also unpleasant and noxious especially when trapped in small areas with little fresh air circulation.

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Fire damage restoration in Atlanta typically includes commercial-scale cleaning and sanitizing, to remove all those residual germs and contaminants; in many cases this might include carpet shampooing, floor scrubbing, and even air neutralizers to remove airborne contaminants. Odor neutralizing services also take away those bothersome odors, for a clean interior environment.

Mold remediation is often a last step in fire damage restoration in Atlanta properties. Mold remediation refers to correcting anything that increases the risk of mold growth, such as lowering humidity levels and removing trapped water and moisture behind walls and under carpeting. Mold remediation also includes checking for growing mold and cleaning away those spores as soon as they’re noticed!

Your smoke and fire damage restoration Atlanta contractor might offer added services or perform these steps in a different order, but these are the typical services you might expect after a fire or flood in your home or business. This restoration, repair, and cleanup work ensures a structure is structurally sound as well as hygienic and ready for reoccupation!


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