Storm Flooding Restoration Services in Midtown Atlanta

Hurricane season is a terrifying time for the residents of Atlanta, Georgia.

Mother Nature can be magnificent and gentle, but when she becomes angry, you had better watch out because her effects can be quite severe. Hurricanes aren’t localized to just Florida, as some may think. A hurricane’s reach is very long and even invades the Carolinas! When this type of weather happens, we see a lot of flood damages occur. Storm flooding restoration is something that requires experience, the right equipment, and an eye for detail. It is so much more than water that has seeped into your property. Frequently, you’re going to be dealing with debris, mold, and other things that have been caused by the storm. Storm flooding can also be dangerous to clean up, which is why it is best left to a professional company like 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta.

Our crew was called to a property in Midtown Atlanta last year after the infamous Hurrican Dorian struck. Our client’s home was in shambles. It was an unfortunate sight. They had significant damages to repair, which included broken windows, a damaged roof, and much more. However, the bulk of the damage was all of the flooding in their home. Their living room and dining areas were entirely ravaged by water, and so was their child’s bedroom. Not only was their water everywhere, but organic debris from outside littered the floor. It’s incredible what can blow in through a broken window. The homeowners said that one of their lawn chairs had blown in. It was very chaotic.

water damage restoration from flooding

We began by removing all of the sticks, rocks, and other debris that was in the home. A significant issue that we noticed was the mass amount of mud and dirt on the carpeting. We weren’t sure if it would come out or not. Much to our surprise, we were able to remove the bulk of the dirt with our water extraction equipment. Our tools are potent and reliable.

As we started the drying and dehumidifying process of the storm flooding restoration, a few of our guys boarded up the broken window for the client until they could get a replacement installed. After all of the moisture was removed, the home started to look and smell better. It was nice to see a smile of hope on our client’s faces. That’s why we do what we do.

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