Smoke Damage Restoration in Marietta

Smoke damages are one of the worst parts of a fire.

Sure, flames destroy structures, rip through roofs, and consume through your property like a monstrous force - we aren't minimizing that fact. However, when a fire is contained to one part of a building and is able to be put out, the smoke can reach all parts of the home or commercial property, causing extensive damages. This is a very difficult thing for property owners to handle on their own because smoke staining and odors can be extremely difficult to combat without the proper equipment and cleansers. You can count on the experience of 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta to help you.

We recently worked with a couple who experienced the damaging effects of a house fire. They called us for smoke damage restoration in Marietta, and we were more than happy to answer the call of duty. Our team knows how devastating smoke damages can be to a family. The couple had their home repaired in terms of the fire damages, but they never realized that it would take a specialized company that has the proper equipment and methods to take on the residue and odor left behind from the smoke.

commercial fire damage cleanup contractors in Atlanta

Our crew arrived at their home and provided a thorough inspection of the property. After evaluating the damages incurred from the smoke, we described our plan of action to our new clients. Everyone was on board and ready to get in front of this problem. We applied tried and true smoke damage restoration methods that we've been using for over 25 years. Because the smoke damage was left for so long in the home, it really took root in the plaster, wood, carpeting, and other materials. In fact, the smoke scent even seemed to seep into the brand new walls that had been erected after the fire.

It took us multiple applications of industrial strength cleaning products to get the smoke to leave the home, but we were able to do it. Our team worked around the clock to make this happen as quickly as possible for this family. Instead of having to move to a new house or replace a bunch of their furniture, our clients were able to continue enjoying their homestead because of our robust smoke damage restoration services in Marietta. It made us happy to see our clients so relieved and ready to put this ordeal behind them.

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