Professional Water Damage Restoration Project, Right in Atlanta!

Water damage cleanup is a mighty job and really should only be performed by a professional company that has experience in this sort of service.

Depending on the severity of the damage, the process of "drying out" can require specialized equipment, tools, and cleaning detergents. If the appropriate methods are not used, the damages can be exacerbated. This was the case with a client that we had a few years back.

There had been a mass amount of flooding in Atlanta, and unfortunately, our client's finished basement took a significant hit. The carpeting was absolutely saturated. When you walked on it, you could see water splashing up around your shoes. Honestly, it was probably one of the worst basement floods we had ever witnessed. We questioned whether we were standing in a swamp or someone's home!

flooding water damage cleanup in Atlanta

Our clients thought they could dry the basement carpeting out with setting up a couple of fans. This method may work in a dining room where a bucket of water has spilled on the floor, but it is not going to work in a basement with saturated carpeting. When the fan method didn't work, our client felt overwhelmed and defeated and just closed the basement door and didn't look back for a few weeks. You know, the whole out of sight out of mind theory — big mistake.

By the time our client went to check on his basement, the carpets were still saturated, and there appeared to be mold growing on the walls. So now, the original problem had manifested into another problem. That's when he made the phone call to the calvary. Our team was more than happy to help this guy out as he was totally overwhelmed with the situation that he found himself in.

We were able to use our professional water mitigation process to successfully clean the mess up and get the room thoroughly dried out. However, because our client waited so long, he did need to replace his carpeting due to the mold that began growing underneath it. Our methods killed the mold on the hard floor and walls, though. Once the new carpeting was installed, the basement looked like new again with no lingering odor or effects of the flooding. Water damage cleanup is no joke, and our crew is just the team to get the job done right the first time. Our client was beyond satisfied with the outcome.

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