Mold Removal Project, Learn From This Experience.

If there is one thing that 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta hates, it is mold. Why?

Because mold is more than just an unattractive substance that smells bad. Mold is horrible for your health and can cause so many problems for your loved ones, patrons, and pets. Luckily, we are well-trained to perform mold removal in Atlanta. In fact, we have over 25 years of experience in doing so! We know the right treatments to apply so that mold is eradicated from your commercial or residential property and won't ever return again.

Many homeowners try to kill mold with bleach, and one may think that this will work, but it doesn't. Yes, initially, bleach will remove the odor and discoloration, but the moisture left behind can cause mold to keep growing. In some cases, depending on the strain, some mold is more powerful than the bleach itself and simply won't die. This is where a trusted company like 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta comes into the picture. We know exactly how to perform mold removal services so that the nasty stuff is out of your life for good. Our team has access to industrial-strength detergents that cannot be purchased without a license due to their potency. We only use top-of-the-line products because we want a 100% success rate.

mold growing in Atlanta home

There was one client in Atlanta who had just purchased a foreclosed apartment building complex. The place had been sitting neglected for a few years and had suffered some flood damages that were not professionally cleaned up. The standing water had been extracted, but the moisture remained, and this led to mold growth in the downstairs lobby and hallways. When we arrived, we noticed the carpets had mold and mildew all over them as well as the walls. This was going to be a massive effort to clean, but mold removal is what we do best.

After we performed mold remediation services, we noticed that some of the carpeting was still holding on to that distinct mildew odor. So, we applied another powerful detergent to nip the foul smell in the bud. It took a few applications, but it worked. The property owner was thrilled that he didn't have to replace all of the carpeting, as that would have been a significant cost. The apartment complex is now up and running and looks great. There is no trace of mold to be found.

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