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When a fire strikes your property, it can be absolutely devastating to you and your loved ones. In the event that your home or business isn't a total loss and the structure still stands, our team can perform expert fire damage restoration so you can continue living or working in your home or building. Sometimes, fires are contained in one room, but that doesn't mean the rest of your living space isn't going to smell like smoke. Our crew can take care of this for you. We clean, deodorize, and erase any trace of fire and smoke damages, so you never have to be reminded of your misfortune ever again.

We recently provided fire damage restoration services to a home in Atlanta. The fire has started in a teenager's bedroom from a candle that was left lit by the window and caused the curtains to go ablaze. Thankfully, the teen and their family and pets were not hurt. However, the bedroom and hallway were severely damaged. The rest of the house smelled of smoke. The family had to live in a hotel until we could fully restore their home. Smoke, even after a fire has been put out, can be hazardous for humans and pets to breath due to the harmful gases and fumes produced by burning materials.

commercial fire damage restoration atlanta

Our company was able to completely clean up the debris from the home and haul it away for the family. We used specially formulated detergents to rid the walls and carpeting of smoke and ash stains. Part of our fire damage restoration service is to rebuild the damaged framework and walls of a fire-ravaged building, and that's just what we did in this case. We made sure to explain every step of the process to the family from start to finish.

Even though the damages had been extensive, we really didn't run into any problems on this job except for a lingering smoke odor in other parts of the house that were not affected by the fire. This happens because the scent attaches to the fibers of furniture and other upholstered items. We went ahead and thoroughly steam cleaned the furniture and carpeting of these rooms, and the odor quickly dissipated. We also had to wash the walls. Once we finished, the family could promptly move back into their home. They were beyond pleased with our efforts.

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