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We’ve seen the devastation that water damage can cause to a residence, and it’s always heartbreaking. However, when flooding occurs at a commercial property, it gets to us because we are business owners and understand what it would be like to have your company suddenly on hold due to water damages. This is why we offer professional commercial water damage services to the people of the Atlanta, GA area. When water invades your commercial space, a lot can go wrong in a short amount of time. That’s why it is imperative to call a professional water mitigation company as soon as you can. Flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes have been known to hit the state of Georgia pretty hard in the past, and there is no reason to believe that this act of Mother Nature will stop any time soon. Our team has witnessed entire streets flooded with water that is so high it isn’t even safe for cars to drive down. When this happens, you can be sure that the surrounding commercial buildings are going to be affected by flooding. 

water damage remediation in progress

We were called to a popular retails tore a few years back to perform commercial water damage services after a wicked tropical storm had hit the Atlanta area. The floors were soaked with water and sludge. It was a terrible sight to see. We performed our inspection and didn’t know any rhythm or reason for the water to have entered the building. It was truly puzzling. While we were in the middle of extracting the water from the building, another nasty storm rolled through the area, and it started down-pouring. That’s when we noticed the front glass doors were not flush with the floor, and water started pouring in like crazy! The store owner had no clue how or when the doors began malfunctioning like this and was just as shocked as we were.

We ended up patching up the door so that we could finish with the commercial water damage services. In the meantime, the shop owner placed a call for a new door so that this wouldn’t happen again. After the store was dried out and cleaned up, it began to look functional again. The store owner was grateful for our prompt service and ability to temporarily fix the front doors so further damages would not occur. The property hasn’t had any additional flooding since.

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