Dealing With Fire Damage Restoration in Smyrna

We'll never forget the day we were called to a fire damage restoration job in Smyrna.

Professional fire damage restoration in Smyrna can only be performed by a company that has the right tools, equipment, and mindset. Our company has been restoring fire-ravaged homes and businesses for over 25 years. Our methods are tried and true and successful 100% of the time. We completely understand how painful a house fire can be or seeing your commercial property go up in smoke. We take each fire damage restoration job personally. When 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta is on the scene, you can count on the job getting done right the first time. We aren't in the business of letting people down.

The fire had ripped through most of the house, leaving it uninhabitable. The family had five children. Luckily, when the fire started, the family was on vacation at Disney World, so nobody was hurt in the fire. However, their home and most of their belongings were lost entirely in the flames and smoke. The good thing about this property is that the framework was still intact and not compromised as severely as we thought. We knew right then and there that we would be able to restore this family's home, which would lead to the restoration of their life.

fire damage cleanup in Atlanta

Our first step in this process was to clean up the debris from the fiery wreckage and get it hauled away. During this process, we ran into a bump in the road with the homeowner's insurance not wanting to cover services for a reason or another. Still, with a lot of persuasions, we were able to prove to the insurance company that they were liable to pay for this claim. Our clients were beyond happy to hear this, and it removed a significant weight from their shoulders.

We continued with the fire damage restoration as planned and soon had the entire area cleaned up. We used high-quality disinfectants, detergents, and tools to make this happen as speedily as possible so we could move on to phase two and begin rebuilding the home. Once all was said and done, you couldn't even tell a fire ever occurred at this property. The homeowners and their children were overjoyed to move back into their house. This was a tremendous job and required many hours of strenuous work, but we were glad to help our clients out of this terrible situation.

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