Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Project in Scottsdale

Nothing is scarier than watching your business property go up in flames…

One of the best aspects of our company is that we provide 24/7 EMERGENCY services. This means if it is a weekend or 3 AM in the morning, our crew is going to answer the call of duty. 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta is here to perform professional commercial fire damage restoration in Scottsdale for you whenever you need it, and that’s a fact. Never hesitate to call our emergency number when you’re the unfortunate victim of fire damage. We understand that your commercial property is your bread and butter. We’re business owners ourselves, so we take each commercial fire damage restoration project personally.

Our crew recently worked tirelessly to restore a fire damaged building in Scottsdale. The building was a small mom-and-pop grocery store that had been in the client’s family for over 50 years. The owners of the store were naturally devastated because the building had much of the original architecture in place and looked very vintage and retro. It reminded them of their great-great-grandfather, who was the original shop owner. It was determined that the fire started due to faulty electrical wiring in the walls, so it wasn’t anything the owners could help.

commercial fire damage restoration atlanta

Electrical fires rip through walls and cause extensive damages that only professionals who are experienced can restore. Our client’s heard that 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta had over 25 years of experience in commercial fire damage restoration, so they gave us a call. We are so glad that they did.

Our first order of business was to thoroughly evaluate the damages and come up with a solid plan of action. We knew that we would not be able to bring back the original architecture of the building, but we could definitely provide an updated look that reflected retro qualities. We scrubbed, disinfected, and washed all surfaces in the building after hauling away the debris leftover from the fire. The property owners had a family contractor that they wanted us to work with in terms of the rebuilding process, and we had no issue with that.

Once the commercial fire damage restoration process was complete, the store looked brand new. We actually came to the grand opening of the store, and it was like walking into a new world with all of the products on the shelves and bright lighting. Our clients were overjoyed by the results and couldn’t stop thanking us for our hard work.

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