Amazing Project for Water Damage Restoration in Decatur

When a flood or major moisture crisis has hit your home or commercial property, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do.

You’ve got saturated carpets, wet furniture, and mold growing on the walls. This is a disaster that happens to many people, but that’s why 24/7 Water Damage Atlanta exists. One thing that many property owners don’t realize is that water damage restoration is so much more than merely drying out the area with increased airflow measures.

Our team will first inspect the property and determine the root cause of the problem. Yes, flooding is sometimes an act of nature, but we can identify why this outside force is creeping into your home so that it doesn’t happen again. We then use our professional water extraction tools and equipment to remove the bulk of the moisture from your property. This is a crucial step in the water damage restoration process because you cannot dry out soaking wet material with a fan or an open window. Next up is the drying out and dehumidifying process, which removes any leftover moisture from the extraction process. All of these techniques work in tandem with one another.

mold growing in atlanta home

We got called to a job over in Decatur that last spring. It was one of the most significant water damage restorations we had ever performed. After a thorough inspection, we learned that the water was entering the first level of the home through a broken pipeline. It was an absolute mess for the homeowner. After getting the water shut off, we could begin the water extraction process. Luckily, this issue was caught quickly enough that mold and mildew did not have a chance to grow yet. This is why prompt action is essential in the water mitigation process.

We were able to completely dry out the carpeting, walls, ceiling, etc. using our dehumidifiers and specialized equipment. One problem that we ran into was a lingering odor in the home. There was no mold present, but the air just seemed stale. Our carpet cleaning detergents quickly got rid of the odor due to their industrial-strength ingredients.

Once the job of water damage restoration was completed, our client was shocked by the transformation. She really thought that her home was a loss, and the first level would need to be completely gutted. We are glad we could prevent that costly overhaul for her.

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