Is Smoke Damage Restoration in Atlanta Worth the Cost?

May 29, 2019

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If your home or a neighboring house has suffered through a fire, you might not think that professional smoke damage restoration in Atlanta is necessary. Many homeowners attempt to clean smoke stains and other residues from walls and ceilings on their own after a fire, only to find that those stains simply spread across drywall and other surfaces and their home still has an acrid, unpleasant odor.

Smoke and soot travel through a home, settling onto walls, carpet fibers, and ductwork. The first step in smoke damage restoration is removing that residual soot and ash and then washing damaged areas properly.

Proper cleanup after a fire in your home or a blaze next door is vital, to ensure you protect your house from further damage and that the environment is clean and safe for you and your family. If your home has been damaged by smoke, you might also wonder how to get rid of those lingering stains and smells! Consider some vital information about professional Atlanta smoke damage restoration and cleaning so you know when to call an expert and why their services are so valuable!

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Can Smoke Damage Be Removed?

Smoke damage restoration will remove smoke stains, soot, and residual odors from most surfaces of your home. Note the process followed by an Atlanta smoke damage company so you know why this restoration service is so vital, and why it’s best left to the experts!

  • Soot is removed with heavy-duty vacuums equipped with strong filters. This commercial-grade equipment is able to extract fine residues from deep and tall carpet fibers, the pits and pores of drywall, and other such surfaces, more so than a lightweight household vacuum.
  • Air purifiers are installed to pull soot, ash, lingering smoke, and other debris from the air. Strong HEPA filters and what is called an air scrubber trap and lock these bothersome irritants so that they don’t continue to settle onto walls and carpeting or get absorbed by ceiling tiles.
  • Ventilating air in the home to the outside will also remove airborne soot and smoke. However, it’s best to leave this step to a professional, as setting up fans in the home might simply circulate the soot and smoke and not vent it properly!
  • An air mover might also be placed in strategic areas of the home, to push air toward purifiers and other equipment set up to trap and lock soot and smoke.
  • A negative air fan might be attached to the home’s vents. This equipment works like a vacuum, pulling soot and ash from the home’s ductwork so that it’s not simply circulated back into the home the next time you use your air conditioner or furnace.
  • A dry cleaning chemical sponge removes soot, ash, smoke, and other such residues from walls and ceiling tiles, without stripping paint or damaging those surfaces.

Is It Safe to Stay In a House With Smoke Damage?

Residual smoke is not just unsightly; it’s actually downright dangerous! A homeowner should never assume that their home is safe after a fire, even a small one, if it still smells of smoke or if there are obvious areas of smoke damage. Smoke and soot carry burnt tar and carbons produced by flames, which linger in the air long after a fire is put out.

The acrid smell of smoke and of burnt materials is also very bothersome to your sinuses and can result in headaches, sinus irritation, breathing disorders, and the like. Soot and ash is also easily circulated through a home’s ductwork and vents, making smoke damage even worse over time. Before you move back into a home damaged by smoke, call Atlanta smoke restoration experts for a full inspection and needed cleanup.

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Does Your Home Need Atlanta Water Damage Restoration After a Fire?

Water damage restoration in Atlanta is often part of smoke damage cleanup and repair, and is typically needed after a fire of any size. One reason for this needed cleanup is that firefighters often use large amounts of water to ensure a blaze is extinguished properly, and all that water doesn’t simply go away! Atlanta water damage restoration services extract water from carpet fibers and padding, drywall, and other such areas that absorb water and moisture quickly.

Mold and mildew begin to grow rapidly in damp areas, which is another reason to opt for water damage repair along with smoke damage restoration and fire cleanup services. Ignoring damp areas of the home or assuming that carpet and drywall will simply dry out on their own is somewhat shortsighted, as those areas might develop mold, mildew, and other bothersome contaminants within a very short time after a fire.

How Do You Get Rid of Smoke Damage Smells?

After soot, ash, and smoke are removed from a home, you might still notice lingering smells and bothersome odors. These odors are often also present in a home where someone smokes inside, and especially if they fail to open windows while smoking!

  • Carpet shampooing removes smoke odors, while drapes and curtains might require dry cleaning.
  • Furniture cleaning removes smoky smells from upholstery and the foam used for cushions and backing.
  • An ozone machine neutralizes odors in the home while also leaving behind fresh, clean air.
  • Specialty dry sponges or chemical detergents clean drywall, ceiling tiles, and other surfaces of smoke odors without stripping paint or softening those materials.
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In some cases, a thorough smoke damage restoration process will help to neutralize bothersome odors and smells. Extracting ash, soot, and lingering smoke is an excellent step in creating a safe and pleasant environment after a house fire.

However, avoid trying to mask odors with sprays, candles, carpet deodorizers, and other such over-the-counter methods. Covering up odors with other scents can actually make those bothersome smells worse and overload your sinuses with too many perfumes and chemicals!

To assist in removing odors after a fire, vacuum your home’s carpeting and upholstered furniture and change the furnace filter often. Keep windows open and aim fans out those windows, to create a fresh and clean environment inside the home. Your smoke damage restoration Atlanta contractor can also note personalized recommendations if your home has been through a fire.

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