How Much Does Flood Damage Restoration in Atlanta Cost?

July 4, 2020

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Flood damage restoration in Atlanta is vital after any flood or spill inside a home or commercial building, and especially if you are unable to extract standing water for several hours. The longer floodwaters remain, the more likely it is that drywall, wood framing, and other materials absorbed those waters, increasing the risk of serious structural damage and eventual mold growth.

Most homeowners might expect to pay anywhere from $450 to $2000 for flood damage restoration in Atlanta, depending on needed water extraction, damage to the home’s framing and building materials, and other such vital factors. Businesses and commercial facilities might expect higher Atlanta flood damage restoration costs, typically averaging $1500 to $3000 or more.

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No matter your expected costs for flood damage repair in an Atlanta home or business, it’s important that you schedule these services immediately and rely on a professional to get the job done right! To ensure  you’re always keeping a home or business in good condition, check out some added information about water restoration services, flood damage, mold remediation, and other work needed after a flood or severe spill.

What Is Atlanta Flood Damage Restoration?

First understand that flood damage restoration for Atlanta area structures is more than simply extracting standing water, although that is an essential first step! In addition to standing water, a flood repair contractor removes excess water from underneath carpeting, behind drywall, and other hidden areas of a home or commercial structure.

Along with floodwater, Atlanta flood damage repair means removing excess humidity from the air. You might not associate a flood or spill with high humidity levels but note that water does evaporate and, if not properly vented or extracted, that vapor gets trapped inside a home or other structure. Drywall, carpet fibers, and other such materials and surfaces absorb that vapor almost as easily as standing water, which is why dehumidifying is vital.

An Atlanta flood damage contractor also inspects damaged materials, noting what need replacing rather than repairing. If wood framing, drywall, and other materials have absorbed excessive amounts of water and then softened, cracked, become bowed, or otherwise suffered irreparable damage, it’s best that they be removed and replaced. This ensures your home or business is structurally stable and helps avoid shifting, settling, and other long-term damage.

Salvageable materials are then cleaned and, more importantly, sanitized properly. Specialty cleansers designed for various surfaces and for removing germs, bacteria, and other sediment in floodwaters are applied and then extracted. This ensures your property is not only dry but clean and hygienic and safe for reoccupation!

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What Happens After Atlanta Flood Damage Restoration

Removing water and cleaning surfaces is not the end of flood damage repair in Atlanta! Mold remediation often follows flood restoration services. Mold remediation refers to monitoring an interior environment for the risk of mold growth, and then keeping humidity levels low so as to reduce that risk. Developing mold is also then cleaned and removed as needed.

Odor neutralizing services are also vital after flood damage restoration in Atlanta. Even after cleaning and sanitizing, you might notice musty or otherwise unpleasant odors. Covering those odors with air fresheners and sprays is often short-lived and ineffective, and might also mean even more unpleasant smells in your home or business!

Odor neutralizers literally neutralize or otherwise attack the chemicals that cause certain smells. By neutralizing those chemicals, odors are removed, not masked or covered up with stronger smells! An interior environment is then clean and fresh and free of pungent, bothersome smells that typically accompany flooding.

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Many Atlanta flood damage repair companies also provide follow-up visits with customers some time after their services, to inspect materials again for potential damage, developing mold, and the like. This also ensures nothing was overlooked during flood damage repairs and that mold, mildew, and other contaminants are attacked and removed the moment they start to develop and spread.

Does Your Property Need Atlanta Flood Damage Repair?

Never assume that a catastrophic flood is the only reason to call for Atlanta flood damage repair! Even a large spill such as from a broken aquarium or overflowing bathtub, or a small spill that was allowed to stand for several hours, typically needs professional water extraction and cleaning.

To determine if your home or commercial structure needs Atlanta flood damage repair, consider how long floodwaters or that spill was allowed to sit, as well as the building materials affected by that flood. A spill sitting on tile floor might not be catastrophic as tile is meant to repel water, but that same spill sitting on carpeting for several hours can mean severe damage and eventual mildew and mold growth! If the spill was so large that it reached the home’s drywall, this also indicates the need for professional flood damage restoration in Atlanta.

A homeowner or commercial property owner also does well to consider the source of those floodwaters. Water from an overflowing toilet, burst plumbing pipe, damaged septic tank, or flooded outside well might contain high levels of germs and bacteria best left for a professional cleanup crew. Outside floodwaters might also contain sediment and debris that then cling to walls and floors and which need proper cleaning and sanitizing, and especially if those floodwaters originated from or washed through an animal farm, production facility, or other area with high levels of ground contaminants.

How to Choose an Atlanta Flood Damage Restoration Company

If you should need an Atlanta flood damage restoration company, choose one that specializes in water damage repairs, water extraction, fire damage repairs, and mold remediation. These companies offer the specializes experience needed to ensure proper, thorough cleaning and mold remediation. A general contractor or home repair company might be able to extract standing water and replace damaged materials but might also lack the experience and training needed to evaluate a structure’s stability properly.

It’s also vital that you choose a company that insists on a thorough inspection as part of your flood damage restoration in Atlanta costs, as no structure or flood is alike! You might not realize that excess humidity has reached unaffected areas of your home or that floodwaters easily seep along floors from one space to another, so don’t be put off by a company that wants to inspect every area of your home or business before beginning their flood damage restoration process.

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