How Much Does Fire Damage Cleanup in Atlanta Cost?

January 17, 2020

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Every home’s expected fire damage cleanup costs in Atlanta are different, as no two homes and no two fires are alike! While most homeowners might pay anywhere from $200 to $2000 for fire damage repair, your expected costs for fire damage cleanup in Atlanta depend on the extent of damage as well as the water and fire suppressant chemicals used to extinguish that blaze.

Since there is no way of estimating any one homeowner’s expected fire damage cleanup costs in Atlanta, you might instead note some vital information about fire restoration processes. You can then know what factors might affect your expected fire damage cleanup in Atlanta costs, and know what to discuss with a restoration company near you as well.

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How Much Does Fire Damage Cleanup in Atlanta Cost?

To better understand your expected fire damage cleanup costs in Atlanta, note a few steps typically included in this process and how these affect those overall fees and charges.

  • Fire damage restoration in Atlanta starts with a thorough evaluation and inspection of the damaged areas of the home. This includes an inspection of damaged drywall, carpeting, and other building materials, as well as the electrical wiring, plumbing features, and framework behind and under those materials!
  • Humidity levels might be checked in homes where water was used to extinguish a blaze. This allows a fire damage restoration company in Atlanta to note if the home is at risk for eventual mold growth or mildew and algae under carpeting and in other such areas.
  • While fire damage cleanup in Atlanta might restore various building materials, it cannot repair everything damaged in a fire! Removing charred drywall, ceiling tiles, and sections of a floor and replacing them with new materials ensure that your home is safe and structurally sound.
  • Extraction of water, fire suppressant chemicals, ash, soot, and other residues is typically the next step in fire damage restoration in Atlanta.
  • Odor neutralizing services are often needed, to remove the smell of smoke and charred building materials.
  • Once fire damage cleanup in Atlanta is completed, a fire repair contractor might test electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures to ensure they’re functioning properly and safe for use.

What Is Atlanta Mold Remediation and Why Is It Needed After Fire Damage Cleanup?

Atlanta mold remediation is a bit different than mold cleanup; remediation means to avoid the risk of something before it begins! After fire damage cleanup in Atlanta, your home might benefit from mold remediation, checking the conditions of the home to note if they’re favorable for mold growth. Mold remediation might include the use of dehumidifiers, to remove excess humidity from the air, often necessary after firefighters use water to put out a fire.

Mold remediation in an Atlanta home also checks for signs of developing mold, removing mold spores as they appear. Along with proper cleanup and continued remediation as needed, your home is then protected from the risk of mold growth.

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Why You Need Smoke Damage Cleanup in Atlanta

Removing charred and damaged building materials after a fire is only part of fire damage cleanup! Smoke damage cleanup in Atlanta is also vital, as smoke exposure is linked to a wide variety of health concerns, including breathing disorders, the risk of stroke or heart attack, and even certain cancers. Smoke odors are also irritating to the sinuses and can linger for days and even weeks after a house fire.

Smoke damage cleanup in Atlanta includes scrubbing away smoke stains and other residues, ensuring all traces of smoke are removed from drywall, carpeting, and other materials. Odor neutralizing services remove those bothersome smells as well, so your home is clean and pristine and safe for reoccupation.

How Do You Clean Up After a Fire in Atlanta?

A small stovetop fire or fire damaged flooring from a dropped cigarette might need nothing more than scrubbing with household cleaner or bleach, along with a thorough vacuuming. However, it’s vital that homeowners understand thorough fire damage cleanup in Atlanta is not a DIY job. Attempting to vacuum soot and ash often results in scattering those materials throughout your home, and then breathing them in or having them get trapped in the home’s carpeting and furniture.

It’s also easy to leave behind traces of water and fire suppression chemicals, leading to the risk of mold growth and long-term damage to walls, carpets, and other surfaces. A homeowner might also begin to “tune out” the smell of smoke and other bad odors, so you don’t realize that you also need odor neutralizing services. Those odors can also alert you to developing mildew and mold in furniture, underneath carpeting, and elsewhere.

A homeowner should also ensure that a fire damage cleanup contractor examines electrical appliances and wiring as well as plumbing fixtures and features after a fire. Singed wires might increase the risk of an electrical fire while damaged plumbing pipes lead to water leaks and resultant mold growth. To ensure a thorough fire damage cleanup in Atlanta, rely on a pro rather than trying to manage this work yourself.

Tips for Avoiding Fire Damage in the Home

To avoid fire damage cleanup in Atlanta costs, it’s good to avoid the risk of fire in the first place!

  • One vital tip homeowners should consider is ensuring that there are plenty of fire extinguishers in the home, that they’re all fully charged, and you know how to use them!
  • Be sure you use electrical appliances and heat-producing devices such as space heaters and hair dryers properly, keeping them away from flammable materials.
  • Empty out the dryer’s lint trap often, to avoid lint buildup in the hose behind the appliance. Avoid putting metal items in the dryer as well.
  • Some forms of cat litter are also highly flammable, so be sure you store any bags of litter in your home away from heat registers and clothes dryers.
  • Get into the habit of smoking outside so that you never fall asleep with a lit cigarette in your hands!
  • Have the home’s electrical wiring checked for damage every few years, to avoid the risk of an electrical fire.

If you’re mindful of these tips you’ll keep your home and family safer overall and avoid unnecessary fire damage cleanup costs in Atlanta as well.

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