How Long Does Water Damage Cleanup in Atlanta Take?

March 25, 2020

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Water damage cleanup in Atlanta is vital after a flood of any size, but especially one that involves toxic water such as from a sewage backup. Firefighters might also use quite a bit of water to extinguish a blaze, so your home then needs both water extraction and fire damage restoration services!

As no two homes or floods are the same, there is no set schedule for Atlanta water damage cleanup. Understanding the process, however, might help determine how long your particular water cleanup and restoration services might take, and what you might expect along the way! It’s also helpful to ask a water damage restoration company in Atlanta directly what they might include in their services and how long they assume it will take, as they’re usually happy to keep customers informed of their process every step of the way.

water damage cleanup atlanta

What Is Involved in Water Damage Cleanup for an Atlanta Home?

Knowing what’s typically involved with water damage cleanup in Atlanta might help you understand how long this process will take for your home, and why it’s best left to the professionals! Thorough flood damage cleanup and restoration means more than just sucking up water with a shop vacuum, as there are many other steps needed to protect your home from damage and ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

The first step in water damage cleanup is a thorough inspection of your home. This inspection involves more than just looking at water damaged areas and measuring the depth of floodwaters; a water damage cleanup technician will typically note moisture levels in the air and check for signs of water damage behind walls, under carpeting, and in other such hidden areas.

Water removal or extraction then follows. A cleanup crew might utilize heavy-duty vacuums, sump pumps, and other tools. This equipment not only makes quick work of water extraction but they also pull water from underneath carpeting, around drywall, and in other such areas missed by an everyday vacuum cleaner.

After removing standing or excessive water, drying and dehumidifying begins! This step of the process removes excess water from the air as well as dampness in carpets, drapes, wood surfaces, and other materials. Dehumidifying also ensures a more comfortable environment once the structure is safe for reoccupation.

The next step in your water damage cleanup in an Atlanta structure, cleaning and sanitizing, is perhaps the most important of all. Floodwaters and especially sewage and plumbing accidents bring with them germs, bacteria, and other downright dangerous substances. These residues then cling to walls, floors, plumbing fixtures, and other such surfaces and materials. Proper cleaning and sanitizing ensures a safe environment for you and your family.

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Cleanup in Atlanta

One last step in Atlanta water removal typically involves monitoring humidity levels, as said. High humidity levels might alert a cleanup technician that something was missed during the extraction process. It’s also vital that interior environments dry out completely after a flood or fire, to reduce the risk of mildew and mold growth.

Mold remediation services are often recommended after water damage cleanup in Atlanta, and especially if interior humidity levels remain high. Mold remediation refers to monitoring an environment for the risk of mold growth, taking steps to mitigate that risk, and killing mold spores if they should develop and start spreading.

Mold remediation is not an overnight process; depending on the extent of water damage and resultant humidity levels, your Atlanta mold cleanup company might monitor your home for a full week or more. They might also utilize dehumidifiers, fans, and other such equipment, to remove excess humidity and ensure a safe and sanitary space.

Can You DIY Water Damage Cleanup in an Atlanta Home?

Never assume that water damage cleanup in an Atlanta home is a DIY job! While you might readily clean a small spill with a rented shop vacuum, keep in mind the dangers of insufficient cleaning and sanitizing after a flood or fire. Cleaning floodwaters without proper protective equipment is unhealthy and dangerous, as is leaving behind germs and bacteria along a home’s walls and floors!

water damage cleanup atlanta

It’s also important to remember that water damaged building materials such as wood framing and drywall soften and weaken when wet; the larger the flood or longer the waters sit, the weaker those materials! Your home might suffer a collapsed ceiling or cracked and fallen drywall which means the risk of injury for anyone in the area. A water damage cleanup company in Atlanta ensures a proper inspection of the home’s building materials, including any risks of breakage.

Homeowners might also assume they’ve extracted all excess water from their home, only to miss water under carpeting and behind walls. This dampness increases the risk of mold growth in the home, leading to very expensive cleaning and repairs.  Investing in professional water damage repair for an Atlanta home is often more cost-effective and ensures a safe and hygienic environment.

Who Do You Call for Water Damage Repair in Atlanta?

For efficient and thorough water removal in Atlanta, it’s vital that you choose a qualified company and not just a general contractor! A general contractor might be able to rent a shop vacuum and remove some standing water more easily than a homeowner, and might work with a cleaning company to wash walls and floors, but this work is often insufficient for ensuring a clean and sanitary environment.

An Atlanta water damage cleanup company specializing in water removal, fire damage repairs, and mold remediation is a better choice than general contractors or cleaners. A company specializing in such work ensures all excess water is removed, even from underneath carpeting and behind walls. They will also ensure a thorough cleaning of carpets, tile floors, and wood building materials in your home.

A specialty water damage cleanup company also ensures your home receives all needed services, depending on the cause and extent of a flood. For example, fire damage cleanup might mean odor removal, to eliminate smoky and singed smells. Water damage cleanup in Atlanta after a plumbing disaster might require specialty cleaning, to ensure sanitary surfaces. Water Damage in Atlanta? To protect your home and family, choose a company that specializes in water removal and cleanup versus general contractors or house cleaners.

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