Free Things to Do Near East Point, GA for a Fun Weekend!

July 3, 2024

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Creating a fun-filled weekend around East Point, GA, without spending a dime is totally doable with the right itinerary. 

Here’s a guide to making the most of your time in and around East Point GA, pulling together activities and attractions based on current and upcoming events, historical sites, and beautiful outdoor spaces.

This blog was put together by our team who provides water damage restoration in East Point GA.

Top Cheap Things to Do Near East Point

Historical and Cultural Activities

  • Muffler Man: Kick off with a visit to the iconic Muffler Man statue, an interesting piece of Americana located in East Point. It’s not just any statue; it’s a monument that has inspired visitors with its unique charm​.
  • Windmill Arts Center: For a dose of local culture, the Windmill Arts Center often hosts performances and events, enriching the community with artistic expressions​​.
  • Georgia State Capitol Museum: Dive into the state’s history with a visit to the Georgia State Capitol Museum in Atlanta. It’s an educational experience where you can see dioramas of Georgia’s major climate regions and learn about the state’s symbols​.

Outdoor Adventures and Events

  • Centennial Olympic Park: Spend some leisure time at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. It’s a sprawling space with gardens, playgrounds, and the famous Fountain of Rings. The park frequently hosts free events, offering both relaxation and entertainment​.
  • Dick Lane Velodrome in Sumner Park: For sports enthusiasts, the Dick Lane Velodrome offers a peek into cycling competitions, and Sumner Park has tennis courts and trails for biking or walking.

Festivals and Events

  • RIFFS: Music & Comedy Night at Push Push Arts: Enjoy a night of laughter and music at Push Push Arts in College Park. It’s a great way to experience local talent and unwind​​.
  • Town Center at Cobb Carnival: If you’re visiting around the time of the Town Center at Cobb Carnival, you’re in for a treat! This event offers a fantastic mix of fun for all ages with thrilling rides, engaging games, and delicious carnival treats. Whether you’re daring enough to try the high-flying rides or prefer the fun of winning prizes at games of skill, there’s something here to spark joy in everyone.
  • Marietta Square Artisan Market: Explore local crafts and foods at the Marietta Square Artisan Market. It’s a fantastic way to support local artisans and maybe find a unique souvenir​​.

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